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New York City: Kathryn Olson (WSF) & Adriana Correa

We have spent the past two days in New York City getting to know Adriana (from Colombia) and her mentor, Kathryn Olson who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Women’s Sports Foundation.

Adriana grew up outside of the capital city of Colombia. Her mother and father were both heavily involved in the health sector – her mother, a dietitian and her father, a doctor.Watching her family devote themselves to public ser- vice inspired Adriana to pursue a similar path serving others through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In her current position as the Sports, Education, and Cultural Advisor, Adriana is responsible for implementing a governmental program called the “Borders for Prosperity Plan.” Adriana travels all over the country to work in local townships creating formal sports programs for border issues, which includes extreme poverty, lack of educational opportunities, gang violence, and teenage pregnancy.“As you can guess, women and girls are most susceptible to these issues and as a result, many find themselves dropping out of school at an early age.” In the entire country, only 12% of the population receives a University degree; most Colombians are lucky to graduate high school and most girls are lucky to finish middle school.

Adriana is very committed to making a difference in the lives of women and girls in the border regions. She sees sport as a valuable way to teach self-confidence as well as an incentive to continue pursuing education.We believe the Women’s Sports Foundation is an ideal match.At WSF,Adriana will be exposed to (1) Advocacy and Research, (2) Development and Marketing, and (3) Grassroots Community Programming. She will be equipped with statistics, mar- keting strategies to increase buy-in, and community programming ideas. Having access to the GoGirlGo! curriculum and the Keep Her in the Game campaign will be invaluable to Adriana.We know the resources and insight Adriana will gain at the WSF will only propel her in her mission to improve the lives of young girls throughout Colombia.