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Cincinnati: Julie Eddleman (P&G) & Cassia Damiani

The whirlwind driving tour of the midwest wasn’t over in Indianapolis, and we drove on to Cincinnati – home of the 2nd largest Octoberfest in the country, which happened to coincide with our visit. We spent time with Cassia after work, ate dinner at the home of one of her new friends at Procter & Gamble, and spent the next day touring their offices.

Cassia is the Director of the Department of Management and Strategic Planning in the Ministry of Sport. She is responsible for many of the policies and strategies related to the upcoming Olympics, World Cup, and the 2013 “National Year of the Woman in Sports.”

As part of her role at the Ministry of Sport, Cassia is responsible for creating policies that lessen gender inequalities. In addition, she is charged with increasing the number of women in sports administration positions and decreasing gender violence and workplace discrimination.

“We need more women to direct policies in sport. The message of gender equality can’t stop with the University elite. We have to find a way to reach those individuals who do not have access to formal education.”

As Procter & Gamble is one of the primary sponsors of the Olympic Games, Cassia is learning from P&G’s strategies to market aroundinternational events, using cutting edge approaches to digital, mobile, and social media to reach the masses. Cassia will use these strategies to promote her message of gender equality at the grassroots level when she returns home.